About Virginia Zeani

about virginia zeani

Viginia Zeani, the golden voice of Romania, a golden voice of the world. The song of Virginia Zeani does not have the usual dimensions of time and space. It is our song, of all and always, is the primordial song of the Transylvanian land, a gift offered for eternity to the whole world, like Melpomene's song, the immortal music of the music, the daughter of Zeus and Mnemosin. In other words, Virginia Zeani is a goddess of singing in its most pure and astral essences. Under the spell of her song we can only kneel and listen to the transfiguration imposed by this miraculous voice.

When the Opera meets the myth, the sublime odds can be reached. Such a sublime encounter marked the second half of the twentieth century with the appearance of Virginia Zeani's opera scene. On the great stage of world lyrical theater, Virginia Zeani occupies a special place, marked by brilliance, grandeur, elegance and distinction. The words are too poor to express gratitude to what gave this masonic artist to the world. At a time when the work was celebrated by great artistic personalities, Virginia Zeani, leaning on the great grace with which the Divine Creator was harassed, knew how to become a legend of lyrical scenes.

The gallery of the great personalities of the twentieth century opera, including Luisa Tetrazzini, Amelia Galli-Curci, Allin dal, Zinca Milanov, Lily Pons, Rosa Ponselle, Renata Tebaldi,

Anita Cerquetti, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Leila Gencer, Montserrat Caballe, Renara Scotto, Mirella Freni, Birgit Nilsson, Leontyne Price, Shirley Verrett and the immortal Maria Callas, would be incomplete and much degraded without the grandiose Virginia Zeani. The consonance of the conditions of destiny interwoven with individual values ​​made this unique artist give the world a staggering synthesis of the OPEREI.

Filled through the crystal of Virginia Zeani's genius, the creations of Verdi and Rossini, Bellini's, Donizetti's, Wagner's, Massenet's, Puccini's, but all of Handel's other great composers, and the great composers of the 20th century, receive accents of sacredness. The testimony of the genius of Virginia Zeani, defying gloriously the passage of the years, remains Dive's famous live recordings. These are a very, very precious source of great music through the golden voice of the overwhelmed L'Assoluta.

If the exceptional voice qualities are evidenced by the recordings, the beauty of the face, the expressiveness of the artist's personality, the elegance, the distinction and the charm are testified by thousands of photos. Along with audio and video recordings, these photos are the zenith treasure that integrates with the great heritage of the work, enriching it.

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